About the Task Force

The independent Task Force on Policing was launched in November 2020 by the Council on Criminal Justice. Its mission is to identify the policies and practices most likely to reduce violent encounters between officers and the public and improve the fairness and effectiveness of American policing. The Task Force on Policing is staffed by the Council under the direction of Nancy La Vigne, with research support from the Crime Lab at The University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.

Art Acevedo

Chief, Miami Police Department; President, Major Cities Chiefs Association

Roy L. Austin, Jr.

Vice President of Civil Rights, Facebook; former White House domestic policy advisor

Louis M. Dekmar

Chief, LaGrange (GA) Police Department; former President, IACP

Collette Flanagan

Founder, Mothers Against Police Brutality

Walter Katz

Vice President of Criminal Justice, Arnold Ventures; former police oversight official, LA and San Jose

Cynthia Lum

Professor, George Mason University; Director, Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy

Tashante McCoy

Regional Manager and Founder, Crime Survivors for Safety & Justice/The OWL MOVEMENT

DeRay Mckesson

Educator, Author, and Co-Founder, Campaign Zero

Michael Nutter

Former Mayor, City of Philadelphia; former President, U.S. Conference of Mayors

Rosie Rivera

Sheriff, Salt Lake County, Utah; CEO, Unified Police Department of Salt Lake

Sean Smoot

Managing Partner, 21CP Solutions, LLC

Nancy La Vigne

Executive Director, CCJ Task Force on Policing